EPFL Extension School graduation party


June 16, 2022

This summer in Switzerland, as Covid restrictions were somehow removed, I was fortunate to attend various events in person. A very important one to me was the graduation party at the EPFL extension school.

Since I had completed the 1 year program on Data Science I had not had yet the possibility to meet my trainers and fellow finalists and take some group pictures and now this has all been possible on June 16th (see below). This has been a life changing program that provided me with essential skills to operate in a new digital world. I feel much stronger in communicating to my peers and project stakeholders and to provide insights supported by data.

I was also glad to notice that the Data Science community in Switzerland is growing and that the school is having a key role in this evolution. A big thanks to the school team, in particular Kate Davey, Mallory de Blois and Giulia Ruggeri.

Some tags to explore the school courses and key contacts in this LinkedIn post