Powercoders 2022 fall batch: career day


November 7, 2022

Career days fall 22

Career day is here again and naturally I couldn’t miss it. This time it took place at an office floor in the Malley shopping center in Lausanne and what a coincidence I had worked for a time in this same office 20 years ago! The view to the lake is beautiful and the facilities really nice for such an important gathering between our motivated participants and a group of key companies from the Romandie region.

In our bootcamp this day takes place at the end of the second month of the three months program. This is where candidates and companies meet and with a good fit and a bit of luck a matching can take place. Depending on the future position in the company the participants join a specific focus track (e.g. cyber security, object oriented programming) and in my case they join the Data Analytics focus track.

In the picture you see me explaining the track content and presenting the great team of trainers we have covering Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Analytics and Statistics in a varied set of languages and technologies such as python, R, SQL and PowerBI. See our page for more info: Data Analytics Focus Track.

As trainers we strive to understand in detail the participants current skills and to tailor their learning journey to the future job requirements. Since we’re volunteers our time is limited and the focus track becomes viable with a clever mix of self-learning and live practice sessions. This becomes possible as we use the high quality Datacamp platform that is made available for us by Datacamp donates.

and for some more photos and comments there’s always the linkedin post