Powercoders 2022 fall batch: closing ceremony


João Ramalho


December 21, 2022

Life 3.0

The 2022 fall bootcamp came to a close and it was great to come to Bern for the celebration party that took place at the “Roessli sous le pont”.

Congratulations to everyone in particular to Olena, Hasan, Tuba, Baris, Jyothi and Ismet (in no special order). These were the members of our Data Focus Track. In four short, but intense weeks I got to know each one of them very well. In the beginning nobody knows where the track is going but meeting virtually and in person, discussing expectations and selecting priorities helps clarifying what to do and to get motivated for the effort.

Each one has a different personal history and a specific skills set and we have to build on it. Olena, for example, came from Odessa in Ukraine to Switzerland and had been selected to work in a Data Science center specialized in the medical industry. Initially the job description was not fully clear but we understood that managing databases and retrieving datasets on demand was a key requirement for her. As we didn’t know the specific database technology we selected 3 neutral SQL courses from the many options available in DataCamp (this very complete platform is made available by DataCamp Donates and Powercoders participants enjoy a one year free subscription).


I remember that at the end of our first practice session in Lausanne, Olena went for a city tour and sent me a message the next day sharing how delighted she was by the city. I was fulfilled to see that although back home things were so tough she was trying to make the most out of her present. Again I knew why I give my time and energy to Powercoders.